Jim Christian

Jim Christian


Jim started this business in 2009, with his in-depth knowledge; he has been a key executive within the construction arena for over 30 years. With his network of connections, he has built a growing business from the ground up. He is responsible for the overall management of the company from marketing, sales, through to the overall operations. Jim’s passion for ‘customer centric’ and ‘customer for life’ philosophies drive his success.

Since starting Cornerstone in 2009, Jim and the team have managed over $230 million in construction projects. As CEO, Jim plays an active role in the management of the team and takes an active interest in client projects. It is not uncommon for Jim to attend job sites and client meetings to ensure expectations are exceeded.
Jim has a passion for ensuring the team members are Project Managers, not “Project Witnesses”, effecting change and impacting projects with positive actions that impact schedule, price and quality.

Jim’s project experience is very diverse. Here are some of the more complex programs/projects which he led the team as a Partner/Director:

  • Adidas Group – full price retail stores 2015-present
  • Gerry Weber – launch and roll-out in Canada
  • Money Mart – New Store Roll-out – 75 stores over 2 years
  • Reebok Flagship Store – Boston, MA
  • Reebok – full price retail stores 2014-2015
  • DOLLAR Financial – Rebranding of over 50 stores
  • Home Depot Canada – Head Office Renovations – 95,000 square feet
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