Alex Rubinsky

Alex Rubinsky

Project Manager

Alex joined Cornerstone Building and Property Services in 2019 as an Account Executive and lead Project Manager for our client Nextore.

Alex’s experience comes from managing retail construction, procurement, and maintenance. He has more than 15 years of experience in procurement and over 10 years in retail construction.

Alex has the experience working for big companies such as; Adidas Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. He is closely familiar with all the processes of retail construction and procurement, from the stage of design development to opening the doors of the store for the client. His forecast and planning ability will always deliver the project on time and within budget. If your company is looking for a reliable partner, who can help to achieve your goals/targets, Cornerstone with Alex’s help will be at your service at any time.

Alex has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Academic College of Tel- Aviv.

Notable Projects:

  • Adidas Russia -In 2013, Alex and his team opened and renovated 350 stores for a total of 900,000 SF, on time and within budget.
  • Adidas Brand Center Moscow -In 2012, Alex managed the opening of adidas’ 5th brand center. This global brand center housed all adidas’ concepts including Porsche, Y-3, Stella McCartney, Originals and Performance.
  • Nextore -Leading the account and Team focusing on Nextore’s 2020 construction project management. Initial account focus started with 25 projects and soon increased receiving additional stores.
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